Workshops are led by some of the most successful entrepreneurs with decades of experience between them. Speakers started to learn about and work within the internet business from early days from all sorts of angles. This makes for fascinating workshops with a wealth of knowledge about entrepreneurship shared so that new entrepreneurs do not have to repeat the same mistakes.

David Sacks

David Sacks CEO / COO / Investor, Zenefits

David’s most recent role at Zenefits' began in December 2014. He was asked by the Board to step into the CEO role in February 2016, to steward the company through a regulatory crisis, which was successful. David left the role in February 2017.

Previously, Sacks briefly worked as a McKinney consultant before becoming COO of PayPal, 1999-2002, until the company's sale to eBay. He also founded Geni in 2006 and social enterprise start-up Yammer in 2008 which was sold to Microsoft for 1.2billion dollars in 2012.

Insiders at PayPal say Sacks held the company together through difficult times in 2000 and 2001 and helped create the business model and unique culture that turned PayPal from a money-losing dotcom into a powerhouse.

Richard Rosenblatt

Richard Rosenblatt Co-Founder and CEO, Whipclip

Prior to Whipclip, Richard co-founded Demand Media. He was featured in Fortune’s “The 50 Smartest People in Tech” as runner-up for “Smartest CEO” behind Apple’s Steve Jobs. He was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2008.

Prior to founding Demand Media, Richard built, operated and sold several high-profile Internet media companies. Most recently, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Intermix Media, Inc., and Chairman of Myspace.com. He joined Intermix in March 2004, and led a successful turnaround of its existing businesses. Specifically, he helped grow Myspace.com, leading to the acquisition of Intermix by News Corporation in 2005.

In 1994 Richard founded iMALL, one of the first internet companies to recognize the power of user-generated content. iMALL was sold to Excite@Home in 1999. Richard also previously served as chairman of iCrossing, acquired by Hearst Corporation in 2010.

Dan Gould

Dan Gould VP Technology, Fox Interactive

Dan specializes in designing social and communications software, machine learning, recommendation algorithms, and real-time marketplaces. He also works with optimization algorithms, user data analysis, and various economic tools.

Dan founded Chill, Inc. co-founded Newroo, Inc. (acquired by Fox Interactive Media), Ad.ly and Corridor. At Fox Audience Network, he served as Vice President of Technology. He was a researcher at the National Institutes of Health and has won a number of Computer Science awards.

Most recently, Dan was co-founder of Tappy which was acquired by Tinder. He serves at VP, Technology at Tinder. He is also an angel investor in early-stage tech start-ups.

Mark Jeffrey

Mark Jeffrey CPO, TargetClose

Mark Jeffrey is an award-winning serial entrepreneur of innovative technology companies backed by Tier One investors. His 25 plus years of experience include The Palace (sold to Communities.com in 1998), Zero Degrees (sold to InterActive Corp/IAC in 2004), Mahalo (now Inside.com), ThisWeekIn, and Glossi. He has authored eight books, including the Max Quick series, and the author of Bitcoin Explained Simply (2013) and The Case For Bitcoin (2016).

Mark consults as a technology co-founder to a portfolio of companies in tablets, mobile, digital media, social, and digital publishing. He has been named one of '50 to Watch' by Variety magazine, a 'Hero of Multimedia' by Entertainment Weekly and presented at the very first Harvard Conference on The Internet and Society in 1996.

Frank Addante

Frank Addante CEO, Rubicon Project

Frank Addante is CEO and Founder of the Rubicon Project. Started in 2007 the technology company automates the buying and selling of digital advertising with it’s REVV Real Time Trading platform. The company currently operates in 5 countries. In 2011, Frank was named Ernst and Young Los Angeles Entrepreneur of the Year.

An engineer turned entrepreneur, Frank is an early pioneer of digital advertising technology and a successful repeat entrepreneur including StrongMail Systems, Inc.; L90, where he pioneered adMonitor and Starting Point, a search engine that was acquired by CMGI.

In March 2017 it was announced that Addante will step down from the role. Addante will remain as company chairman to "help Rubicon Project’s vision, strategy and thought leadership for the future".

Jim Benedetto

Jim Benedetto CTO and co-founder, Gravity

Jim leads Gravity's research and engineering efforts. He was previously the SVP of Technology of MySpace, where he led technical operations and R&D. He was employee 12 at MySpace and the first technical architect. Jim was responsible for the initial architectural designs that allowed the site to scale from 100 thousand to over 125 million active users.

Startonomics speakers have a broad wealth of experience as entrepreneurs covering the last twenty-five years. Startonomics workshops let you learn about their experiences and about how to mimic their many successes.