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Tips for Entrepreneurs in Product Design and Development


Becoming a successful entrepreneur in product design and development requires an understanding that a successful product depends on knowing where that product will be used. Knowing the environment, your product has to be adapted to fit those conditions to be a success.

The product designers and engineers must work together. Engineers tend to focus on product reliability, quality, dimensional details and manufacturing processes while product designers tend to be more interested in the aspects of product development including customer profile, product design features, human factors and the user interface.

Here we provide tips that are applicable to entrepreneurs looking to innovate in new areas or industries. These tips cannot guarantee success, but they can steer you in the right direction.

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Guide to Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

We all need to acquire new customers to make our products and businesses work. It does not matter if you need just a few people spending lots of money or thousands visiting your website for free, what is important is that you get and retain customers.

Here we guide you through what customer acquisition means and how you can implement your plan.

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Hacks for Any Crowd-funding Campaign


Every crowd-funding campaign needs a strategy, to include social media, PR, email, word-of-mouth and much more. Here we have listed useful hacks (processes by which you can use a more efficient way to achieve a goal) improve the chances of success for your crowd-funding campaign. These free hacks will help to make things more efficient and streamlined and also create new marketing streams for you to investigate.

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