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Startonomics workshops are created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Startonomics workshops helps entrepreneurs create simple, actionable metrics to make better decisions for long-term growth and start-up success.

Startonomics workshops entrepreneurs provide a comprehensive overview of technology platforms, market opportunities and investment climate from both international and local perspectives with a focus Fstart-up success in internet, financial software, gaming industry stocks and mobile applications.


  • 1. Product Design & Development
  • 2. Monetization Strategy
  • 3. Online Marketing and Customer Acquisition
  • 4. Viral Marketing and Social Media Marketing
  • 5. Start-up Scalability

Best financial

  • 1. MetaStock
  • 2. Telechart TC2000
  • 3. TradeStation
  • 4. Optuma

Online gaming industry stocks

  • 1. Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA)
  • 2. Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)
  • 3. International Game Technology, PLC (IGT)
  • 4. NetEase Inc. (NTES)



On this website, we have listed information about workshops in the following 5 areas:

1. Product Design & Development

Practical approaches for creating and managing a company that excels in low-cost experimentation, rapid repetition and real customer insight. It uses principles of intelligent software development, open source and web 2.0 plus lean manufacturing to guide the creation of technology businesses that create disruptive innovation.

2. Monetization Strategy

Workshops around how the fund-raising process works, how angel investment syndicates work, what market prices are for companies raising capital, and what the recent financial downturn means. Panellists provide feedback on recent investment deals in which they have participated and/or received funding.

3. Online Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Via web, mobile and gaming, to include expansion of services such as online shopping and services, particularly mobile phone users, a growing market that has lead to increased earnings from online advertising. [Guide to Customer Acquisition]

4. Viral Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Giving an overview of US-based consumer internet platforms and social networks. The Startonomics team discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of many popular internet services, including: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google/YouTube, plus other social networks and technology platforms.

5. Start-up Scalability

Including lightning talks by local start-up companies and from those at the front-line of entrepreneurship talking about current conditions and where future opportunities exist in the region and possibilities on how to get here.

Online products and services for entrepreneurs that we discuss here include the best financial software analysis tools for stock market trading, plus the best online gaming industry stocks in 2017.

Best financial software


The best financial software that suits your trading style will depend on what markets you are trading, how you trade and the features that you want. No two software packages are identical, each provides a unique price and feature point.

1. MetaStock

MetaStock XV has the edge in financial software global market access. Recommended for those who need excellent real-time news, access to a huge stock systems market and powerful technical analysis with global data coverage all backed up with excellent forecasting functionality and expert advisers. Expect excellent fast global data coverage and broad market coverage including equities, futures, FOREX, ETF's and options.

2. Telechart TC2000

The best North American only financial software has powerful features including broker integration, trading options and advanced options strategies. One of the easiest to use and most powerful financial software packages available that offers nearly everything an investor may need and can be run from your iPhone, Tablet, Mac and PC. The cost is reasonable, though it does not cover options, futures, FOREX or bonds.

3. TradeStation

Easy to use and extremely powerful, TradeStation’s financial software enables clients to design, test, optimize, monitor, and automate their own custom equities, options & futures trading strategies. Full broker integration with more than 145 different technical indicators at no charge if you have a brokerage account there.

4. Optuma

Built by Market Analyst, this financial software for professional traders and the business market, requires a powerful PC, but the number of specialist features, including GANN Charts, will make this the best financial software for some. With IQFeed, GFT and MT4 data integration Optuma covers Stocks, EFTs, Mutual Funds, Options, Futures, FOREX and Bonds.

Online gaming industry stocks


Despite evolving regulations, online gaming continues to grow, supported strongly with more portable technology from tablets and smart phones. Many leading bookmakers are expanding their portfolio and services with casino games and eSport games. Here are the top global gaming industry stocks:

1. Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA)

Founded in 1982, EA is a global interactive software company that develops, markets and distributes software gaming content as well as providing online services for video games consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. The world’s top publisher on PlayStation4 and Xbox One consoles, the company’s gaming industry stocks are strong with the first quarter revenues of 2017 showing digital net sales of USD 2.861 billion.

2. Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)

In media, technology, and entertainment, ATVI has two major operating units. Activision Publishing develops, publishes, and distributes interactive entertainment for different consoles, hand-held, mobiles, tablets, and personal computers, while Blizzard Entertainment develops and publishes entertainment software. In April 2017, ATVI has a long-term expected EPS growth rate of 16.19 percent with gaming industry stocks known to outperform irrespective of the market environment.

3. International Game Technology, PLC (IGT)

IGT has an integrated portfolio of technology, products and services, providing government-sponsored and commercial gaming industry with solutions for gaming, lottery, interactive and social, through retail, web, and mobile. 2016 net income was USD 211 million with strong North America and Italy performance, most from gaming industry stocks.

4. NetEase Inc. (NTES)

A prominent Chinese Internet technology company that operates online games services, advertising services wireless value-added services, and more. The company reported total revenues of USD 1,761.62 million, net earnings of USD 536.26 million for the quarter ending December 2016. Gross margins widened from 53.39 percent to 53.42 percent compared to the same period last year, operating (EBITDA) margins now 32.76 percent from 31.29 percent.